Fred Galves, [Book Chapter] “Teaching Litigation Technology” (Chapter 7) in the e- book, Educating the Digital Lawyer, edited by Oliver Goodenough and Marc Lauritsen, published by LexisNexis, Harvard University (2103)

Educating the Digital Lawyer is a ground-breaking collection of essays organized around a central question: What will legal education look like as we train our graduates to be effective lawyers in the digital world of the 21st Century? The volume grows out of a pair of working conferences connected with the FutureEd initiative—one in October 2010 at Harvard Law School and one in April 2011 at Columbia Law School—that brought together several dozen academics and practitioners who are deeply interested in the technology of law and how law schools and other institutions should educate students and lawyers about it. Certain participants were asked to contribute chapters to a compilation that would provide a snapshot of current ideas and aspirations. The book chapters provide an understanding of how the digital revolution that is affecting so much of society is also now changing how law works and, consequently, how we in the legal academy need to go about teaching the next generation of lawyers who will inhabit—and help shape—this changing world of law.  READ CHAPTER 7


Major Acts of Congress: Community Reinvestment Act

Macmillan Reference (Spring, 2004)

Discussing the Community Reinvestment Act requiring banks and other lenders to make loans investments in their communities.  Professor Galves contributed an informative chapter to this book, as an acclaimed expert on the subject.   Amazon 

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