Professor Fred Galves

Professor Fred Galves is a 1986 graduate of Harvard Law School and was a tenured law professor at Pacific McGeorge School of Law for over twenty years, before retiring from McGeorge in 2015.

Professor Galves continues to teach at other universities here in the US and abroad. He teaches “Evidence,” “Trial Advocacy,” “Civil Procedure,” and “Street Law.” In addition to law classes, he teaches “Business Ethics,” in Business School, and “Law & Social Justice” and at the undergraduate level as well. He also writes legal books and articles.

Professor Galves is also the Director of the Paralegal/Legal Assistant Program at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, California as he is dedicated to help students achieve legal careers at all levels.

Professor Galves also runs his own business, Galves Consulting, where he combines his expert skills in Pre-Trial Litigation, e-discovery, Civil Procedure, Evidence, and Trial Advocacy to assist attorneys in the modern practice of law. Galves is also heavily involved in Online Dispute Resolution (“ODR”). Professor Galves believes that e-commerce disputes must be resolved efficiently, fairly, and securely so that online buyers and sellers can place full confidence in e-commerce markets. For this to occur, the principles of fairness, accessibility, and equity available in most physical courts must also be within reach for disputes arising out of online transactions.

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ISBN: 9781642427646


The fourth edition of this book presents the Federal Rules of Evidence, as amended through December of 2019, in a clear and concise manner that is accessible and engaging to both professors and students. Each chapter begins with an explanation and rationale for the chapter’s topic. The applicable rule or rules of evidence are also replicated at the beginning of the relevant sections, eliminating the requirement that students purchase a separate book of rules. The chapters continue to feature fresh visual presentations and layouts by use of text boxes, diagrams, and color-border segregated features. The book’s most distinguishing feature, however, is still the accompanying electronic version with links to multiple-choice questions. The fourth edition contains a revised Appendix with the complete set of the Federal Rules of Evidence eliminating the need for students to purchase a supplement. The fourth edition also utilizes additional and improved logic maps to assist students in their evidentiary analysis.


Publisher: WEST ACADEMIC Evidence, A Contemporary Approach

Evidence Simulations: Bridge to Practice2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781640200999


This volume is designed to enable the professor to incorporate in-class simulation exercises in a podium Evidence course. Its eleven chapters take the students through each major area of Evidence law and give the students an opportunity to engage in pretrial evidentiary planning, arguments on evidentiary issues, and trial segments. All the exercises are based on two straightforward case files, one civil and one criminal. In some exercises, the students play the attorney roles. In other cases, the students view videotaped trial segments, pose objections, and make arguments either in favor of or in opposition to the objection. Each chapter begins with a set of “points to remember” to help the students develop basic trial advocacy skills at the same time they are enhancing their understanding of Evidence law. The Teacher’s Manual describes in detail how the exercises can be integrated into a traditional podium course. For example, the manual includes suggestions for setting up the room, assigning roles, and providing the students with feedback. An alternative version of the volume contains expanded case files for use in a course in which Evidence and Trial Advocacy are taught simultaneously.


Publisher: WEST ACADEMIC Evidence Simulations: Bridge to Practice

Litigation Consultant

Professor Galves has commercial litigation experience in a large law firm and is an expert in the areas of Civil Procedure, Evidence, Trial Advocacy, e-Discovery, and the use of technology in the courtroom. Professor Galves also has …

Legal Apps

Forthcoming: These two separate Civil Procedure and Evidence Applications (“APPS”) will be an easy and convenient way to quickly and efficiently consult the law and federal rules of Civil Procedure and Evidence. In each APP the law and rules…

Law Review Articles

My scholarly focus in my law review articles has evolved over the years from banking law, to litigation and legal technology issues. I began my scholarship career focusing on financial institutions because that was an area of expertise from… 

$3 Million Grant Awarded to Adelante Connect Project


NEWS – The Pueblo Chieftain- Published 6:00 a.m. MT Feb. 11, 2023
Adelante Connect project to expand broadband access in Pueblo with $3million grant

Over 30 census tracts within the city of Pueblo are considered underserved or unserved whenit comes to broadband access.
Adelante Connect, a pilot project funded through a $2.98 million grant from the NationalTelecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), is looking to change that.
The grant was recently awarded to Colorado State University Pueblo, which will serve as afunding “conduit” for the communitywide project, said Fred Galves, project investigator andCSU Pueblo special assistant to the president.
“This is not just throwing money at the problem,” Galves said. “It’s a very well-thought-out,intelligent, efficient way of investing in the community — leveraging providers and otherpeople so that it will come back and return to the benefit of everybody.”  CLICK TO READ MORE

Professor Fred Galves' presentation for the 2023 Colorado Judicial Conference


Harvard Symposium

CLA 2017:

Alternative Careers: Leveraging your JD into a New Career Path.
Moderator: Maria Jimena Rivera ’01, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid, University of Texas at Austin School of Law.

Panelists: Viola Irene Canales ’89, Author Fred A. Galves ’86, Professor of Law; Owner, Galves Litigation Consulting M. Machua Millett ’00, Chief Innovation Officer, Marsh FINPRO US James Vigil ’89, Senior Advisor for Cybercrime and Intellectual Property, Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, US State Department.

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