Professor Fred Galves is the owner of Galves Consulting and is a law professor. Professor Galves was a full professor at the Pacific McGeorge faculty from 1993-2015 and currently is teaching part-time at UC Davis Law School International Program, Concord Law School, and Colorado College. Professor Galves also offers litigation technology consultant services.

Professor Galves lectures widely on the use of technology in the practice of law. He is an Evidence casebook author and has published several other law books and law review articles. Professor Galves has taught at the University of California at Davis School of Law, Fordham Law School, the University of Denver Law School, Southwestern University Law School, and Colorado College.

Professor Galves also teaches several international courses to Americans and foreigners. He has taught Trial Advocacy in Chile and China, private international litigation in Guatemala and Austria, alternative dispute resolution in Germany, and each summer he teaches in the UC Davis USA Law Orientation Program for foreign attorneys and LLM students.

Following graduation from Harvard Law School in 1986, Professor Galves served as a judicial clerk for Judge John L. Kane (U.S. District Court, District of Colorado). He later practiced with the Denver law firm of Holland & Hart, specializing in complex commercial litigation and litigation against former directors and officers in failed banks and savings and loan associations.

Galves has worked on national banking legislation with both the Senate and House Banking Committees. Professor Galves has done pro bono legal work in Chile on a human rights fellowship from Harvard, and was a Harvard teaching fellow in Principles of Economics (“EC 10”).

Overy thirty years in the legal field, Professor Galves has become an expert in many areas and uses that expertise in many ways.  Click here to read about all of them.

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Professor Galves began his legal career upon graduation in 1986 from Harvard Law School, becoming  a tenured professor of over 22 years. Find his full resume here.

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Get a flavor of Fred as he shares what is important to him through music, famous speeches, quotes and valuable citations by clicking here to view more.

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Among other things, Professor Galves is an avid health and fitness enthusiast.  He strongly advocates eating with a conscious and enjoys working with Yevo to do that.

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