July 2019 – Radio Interview on KFBK- Legal Perspective on Establishing Online Evidence thru Emoji’s

National Syndicated Talk-Show Hugh Hewitt Interviews Professor Fred Galves About Genesis Reloaded

Professor Galves – Interviewed by Erienne Rojas, of Audibleauthor.net, About Genesis Reloaded
Professor Fred Galves is a 1986 graduate of Harvard Law School and was a law professor at Pacific McGeorge School of Law from 1993 until he retired in 2015. He currently teaches and has previously taught: Evidence, Civil Procedure, Computer-Assisted Litigation, and Street Law. He also writes and lectures on the use of technology in the practice of law. Galves is an Evidence casebook coauthor and has written several law review articles.
Although Genesis Reloaded is not a typical publication for Professor Galves (as legal textbooks and articles are), he nevertheless brings a unique and rich set of academic and intellectual strengths as an author. He possesses a great deal of credibility in: (1) the art of legal analysis and argumentation; (2) the expert use of precise textual interpretation; and, (3) the skillful mastery of persuasive rhetoric. Professor Galves also shares personal religious experiences, even from childhood, that make the book interesting and informative, both from a scholarly perspective and from a unique spiritual point of view. The book is set against the backdrop of Galves’s own personal religious journey as a Latino Catholic whose converted, conservative, Baptist minister father preaches strict traditional literal adherence to biblical text.

IASTED Live! Radio Show
A short clip of Scott Draughon interviewing guests Heather Bota and Fred Galves (LawTech 2007 Chair) and Partha Dasgupta (CNIS 2007 Chair). Recorded on May 1st, 2007.

Strategic Trial Graphics and Their Evidentiary Challenges
Professor Galves, and Tim Piganelli, Owner of Legal Technology Consulting and adjunct professor with Professor Galves in “Computer-Assisted Litigation,” while Galves was teaching at McGeorge until 2015, present a program for the 2004 ABA Tech Show in Chicago, Illinois, addressing litigation strategy issues regarding the use of visual displays at trial and how to meet and overcome common objections to these type of computer-generated exhibits.

Strategic Trial Graphics and Their Evidentiary Challenges, Part 1

Strategic Trial Graphics and Their Evidentiary Challenges, Part 2

University of Colorado Chancellor Speaks (Radio Interview)
This is a 2005 radio and call-in interview show concerning the controversial statements made by Professor Ward Churchill, from the University of Colorado, regarding the victims in the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. Professor Churchill made various statements about the incident, its implications, and US imperialism around the world. Subsequently there were many calls by various media and individuals for his firing or punishment by the University for making these statements. Important First Amendment issues are raised by the controversy along with a charge that the professor had engaged in plagiarism in his career and misrepresentation (a charge he states was raised as a pretext for punishing him for his political views). The radio show starts with a live reporting of the University’s decision on whether to fire the professor and then there is a call-in talk show afterwards discussing the decision and the overall issue.

University of Colorado Chancellor Speaks (Radio Interview, Part 1

University of Colorado Chancellor Speaks (Radio Interview, Part 2

Identity Theft (Radio interview)
This is a series of three consumer reporting radio talk shows on identity theft and other computer-related crimes and scams. The second audio clip contains Professor Galves’ analysis but the other two make up the entire series on the issue.

Identity Theft 1 (Radio interview)

Identity Theft 2 (Radio interview)

Identity Theft 3 (Radio interview)

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