In addition to teaching law and writing legal scholarship, Professor Galves also runs his own private consulting business, Galves Litigation Consulting, where he provides various services for legal professionals.

Galves combines his many years of experience and legal expertise in Pre-Trial Litigation, e-discovery, Civil Procedure, Evidence, and Trial Advocacy in order to assist attorneys in the modern practice of law.

Online Dispute Resolution (“ODR”) for both private businesses and public agencies and courts is a trendsetting accomplishment for Galves Litigation Consulting. Fred is on the Advisory Board of Modria, Inc., the Largest Online Dispute Company in the world.

Professor Galves also provides referral services to interested attorneys who have clients who may wish to sell or purchase commercial or residential real estate. Attorneys may contact Galves Litigation Consulting to discuss various helpful options.

Galves Litigation Consulting also operates two helpful forthcoming Legal Applications: (1) The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (with Explanations and California Distinctions); and (2) the Federal Rules of Evidence (with Explanations and California Distinctions).”

Professor Galves has joined the law firm Gavrilov and Brooks, as “Of Counsel”, specializing in Litigation and Mediation.

Online Dispute Resolution

Traffic, Small Claims, and Family Law Court can benefit from “ODR”, as well as other state agencies and private businesses


Contact Galves Consulting for more info on how Online Dispute Resolution works and how it may work well for your business or court setting

Litigation Consultant

Legal assistance for courtroom cases, utilizing decades of expertise in Rules of Evidence, Civil Procedures and legal Internet Technology

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Hire a litigation expert to strategize your case for a more positive outcome


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Galves Litigation Consulting specializes in legal and court ordered Mediation and Arbitration Services.


Find out why Mediation Services and Arbitration Services are more efficient and effective when handled with the expertise of Galves Litigation Consulting

Legal Apps

Streamline your research and study efforts by using Rules of Evidence or Rules of Civil Procedure specialized Legal Apps

Evidence / Civil Procedure

Be able to source specific helpful legal content all from one specialized Legal Application (APP) with these unique Legal Apps

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