I have had extensive experience teaching foreign students, attorneys, judges and law professors.

I have taught in many learn abroad programs and various courses for international students and attorneys, such as “Civil Procedure,” “Securities,” and “Corporations” for U.C. Davis’ USA Law Orientation Program. In another program with Pacific McGeorge, I taught “Trial Advocacy” for Chilean prosecutors and defenders through the U.S. Embassy (taught both in Chile and in the U.S. on different occasions).

It was particularly interesting for me to do this because as a law student, I was at Harvard Human Rights Fellow, and I worked a summer in Santiago, Chile.

I have taught International Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) in Cologne, Germany (through the U.C. Davis International Law Program). I also have taught a course in Salzburg, Austria, entitled, “Selected International Civil Procedure Topics” (McGeorge Summer Law program).  

I taught with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy in that program. I also taught Comparative Litigation in Antigua, Guatemala, in the summer of 2012 (in the Pacific McGeorge Guatemala program).

In the summers of 2007 and 2008, I taught in China. I taught as part of a US AID Program where US law professors from Pacific McGeorge and American University Law Schools would teach Chinese law professors about experiential learning. Chinese law schools were seeking to learn how US law professors teach Trial Advocacy and how we implement clinical programs as part of our curriculums.

I have taught ADR and Trial Advocacy techniques to Chinese law professors in the last few years: in Guangzhou, in 2007, and in Hangzhou, in 2008, and I taught in a week long program in Beijing during December of 2008.

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